PowerBox iGyro™1e

$69.000,00 USD

The new micro-size single-axis gyro with integral servo-match function


  1. Ultra-precise single-axis MEMS sensor
  2. Regulatory algorithm designed specifically for fixed-wing model aircraft
  3. Single axis shared by two servos, each independently variable
  4. Conventional PWM input and output signals
  5. Gain input for in-flight sensitivity adjustment
  6. Heading or Normal mode, switchable in flight
  7. Integral servo-match and reverse function
  8. Gyro Sense x 4 function for large, sluggish models
  9. Variable frame-rate
  10. 16-bit processor for fast, high-resolution signal processing
  11. Additional features can be set up using the USB Interface Adapter
  12. Can be updated using the PowerBox USB Interface Adapter

Technical Data

  1. Operating voltage:4.0V - 9.0V
  2. Current drain Power-on state:20mA
  3. Maximum load current:10A
  4. Signal input:PWM
  5. Servo sockets:2
  6. Servo signal resolution:0,5µs
  7. Gyro regulation:Heading- and Normalmode
  8. Gyro sensor type:MEMS
  9. Number of sensor axes:1
  10. Dimensions:33 x 10 x 5.5 mm
  11. Weight:7.5g, incl. wires
  12. Temperature range:-30°C to +75°C