Voltage Regulator 5-7.4v

$80,00 USD


Compact design, lateral connections for input & outputs
Dual battery input design with automatic switching between batteries. Includes input voltage monitoring for low voltage warning and memory
4 independent outputs
Plug and play. No soldering needed
Support HV servos (7.4V), output voltage is switchable(5-7.4V);
Includes “FSS-3” pin and flag failsafe switch with light status indicator
Optional with heat sink with external cooling fan;
Support up to 10pcs of 30kg digital servo (x4 direct, others through receiver)
Can be used on up to 120cc aircraft.


Linear regulator, no interference
The input power uses simulated diode dual redundancy power supply
Double MosFET output, independent linear control IC, high output current capability
Low dropout design makes full use of the cell’s capacity, especially on HV mode
Large heat sink, good heat dissipation and high overload capacity;
Built-in MCU precisely controls FSS-3 and internal voltage;
Fail safe design, ensuring Non-stop work
SMT process, ensuring quality
Input & Output ports all use high quality tantalum capacitors


Input voltage:              DC5.3V -8.4V, MAX10V (2S LiPo)
Output voltage:           5V, 6V, 7.4V (Switchable, Tolerance + 3%)
Output current:           DC 0 -15A (Vin-Vout =1V)
Minimum differential voltage: < 0.3V
Power effect:              %0.3
Voltage effect:            %0.3
Output ripple:             < 2mV
Size:                            63mm x 32mm x 18mm
Weight:                      62g (including dual input wires)