Jet / Predator 90''

$2.990,00 USD


• Full composite construction

• Aluminum tube for wings/stabilizer spar. 

• Two pieces wing/stabilizer

• External painted scheme

• Removable wing/stabilizer/vertical fin

• Servo extension wire included. 

• CG checking plate include. Easy to check the CG yourself. 

• 3000ml fuel tank and fuel tube included. Option to add extra 3000ml fuel tank. 

•  Preinstall tube for servo extension wire

•  Hardware included

• Dual wall tail pipe(Diameter:105mm) for 8-30kg turbine included.

• Normal flight turbine size: 8-16kg(80-160N) thrust, 3D flight turbine size: 18-26kg(180-260N) thrust

• High quality Aluminium Air Trap(UAT for 8-22kg turbine) included. 

• Fuel dot and fuel tank vent with startup overflow fitting included

• One servo for each flap , one servo for each aileron,one servos for rudder. one servo for each elevator, one servo for nose wheel. all use standard size here for servo detail

• Option to install  vector thrust pipe for 3D flight. 

• Strong electric retract landing gear with ABS electric brake.

• Option for Navigation LED lights with programmer and Wiring 

• All the control horn preinstall and paint. No need the glue to finish predator jet. 

• We offer TR(turbine ready) version : airframe with tail pipe, air trap(UAT), electric retract landing gear with brake, 8pcs Pilot-RC PY-20AL or PW-20AH servos. preinstall the above items in factory.  and with a free wing bag. Option to install the vector thrust with two servos. 

Schemes No.Schemes namesUp view
01white/orange/blackIMG_0914.JPG (2074×1382)
02red/orange/black IMG_1105.JPG (2074×1382)
03 blue/orange/black03 blue.JPG (3937×2784)
04yellow/orange/black04 yellow.JPG (3937×2784)
05green/orange/black05 green.JPG (3937×2784)
06black/yellow/red06 yellow balck red.jpg (955×776)
07blue/white/red07 blue white red.jpg (1440×948)
08 orange/black/silver08 orange black silver.jpg (1440×948)
09green/black/white09 green white black.jpg (1440×948)